Tire Flip / Wheel / Banden set 40/60/80kg (8182)

The Tire offers a versatile training in the functional area. Due to the handles mounted on the side and above, it can be used in many ways, for lifting, pulling, towing, etc. The flipping of the Tire requires the use of several muscle groups. When tilting the arm and leg muscles, when moving for tilting the arm, shoulder and pectoral muscles. All in all, the Tire is suitable for a complete whole body workout. Let it crack.

» Material: Rubber tyres with PVC sleeve.
» Easy to clean surface.
» The diameters are as follows:
» 40,0 kg approx. 90,0 cm / colour yellow
» 60,0 kg approx. 100,0 cm / colour blue
» 80,0 kg approx. 120,0 cm / colour red

Item Diameter Inner diameter Height
LP8182-40 88,0 cm 40,0 cm 25,0 cm
LP8182-60 103,0 cm 50,0 cm 30,0 cm
LP8182-80 120,0 cm 60,0 cm 35,0 cm

€ 2199,95