Studio Dumbbells set 1-10kg ( per 1 kg ) Polyurethan 8075

The Polyurethane Studio Dumbbell was produced according to the latest production standards. The high quality pure polyurethane has an elasticity which is very insensitive and resistant to abrasion, chipping and any kind of external influences such as scratches or impacts. The material of the pure polyurethane is liquid when heated and can be produced in every imaginable colour according to customer specifications. Polyurethane, also called CPU, is absolutely odourless and more durable than a dumbbell with a rubber coating.


» The weight blocks are welded to the handle.

» High-quality knurling for optimum grip.

» 1,0 kg weight gradation from 1.0 – 10,0 kg.

» Weight variation with a tolerance of +/-1%.

» Handle: Steel, hard chrome-plated.
» Weight block: steel with polyurethane coating


» Handle diameter: 32,0 mm

» inner handle dimension: 145,0 mm

» Colour: black

Item Weight Item Weight
LP8075-01 1,0 kg LP8075-06 6,0 kg
LP8075-02 2,0 kg LP8075-07 7,0 kg
LP8075-03 3,0 kg LP8075-08 8,0 kg
LP8075-04 4,0 kg LP8075-09 9,0 kg
LP8075-05 5,0 kg LP8075-10 10,0 kg

€ 726,95