Soft Plyo Box set Heavy Duty 7,5/15/30/45/60cm (8154)

Help with your strength to improve speed, fitness and strength. The Fitness Foam Jump Box is perfect for boxing jumps, push-ups, dips, step-ups and other creative exercises. This box set has a special foam core which has a very high density, thus characterizing it with a heavier own weight and thus takes the box set to a higher level, compared to its brother LP8151. More comfort and stability. In fact the foam protects the ankles when jumping onto the box when pressure is applied.

» Is available as single plyoboxes or as a set of five elements of 7.5 / 15.0 / 30.0 / 45.0 and 60,0 cm.
» The base area has the dimensions of 900.0 x 750,0 cm.
» Colour: black

Item Size
LP8154-XS 900×750×75mm
LP8154-S 900×750×150mm
LP8154-M 900×750×300mm
LP8154-L 900×750×450mm
LP8154-XL 900×750×600mm

€ 899,95