Set Elite Bumper Plates 50mm Polyurethan 5-25kg ( elke gewicht 2 stuks ) 8027

The Elite Bumper Plate Polyurethane has been produced to the latest manufacturing standards. Due to its unique design it impresses with an optimal handling during training. The design of the discs is a perfect basis for powerlifting, weightlifting and cross training. Dropping from overhead or shoulder height is no problem, the discs are designed for this kind of training due to their optimal elasticity. The inner ring allows a fast and safe loading and unloading of the discs on any Olympia barbell.

» Chrome-plated inner ring with a 50.5 mm socket.
» Non-slip silk-matt surface with high-end finish.
» Each weight size has a diameter of 450,0 mm according to IWF standard.
» Weight deviation with a tolerance of +/-1%.
» Tested with 30.000 impact repetitions.
» Available in the weight sizes 5.0 / 10.0 / 15.0 / 20.0 and 25,0 kg.

Material: Polyurethane, CPU
Colour: black / colour coded

Item color weight Item color weight
LP8027-05 5.0   kg LP8027-20 20,0 kg
LP8027-10 black-yellow 10,0 kg LP8027-25 25,0  kg
LP8027-15 15,0 kg

€ 1399,95