Medicine Ball Set 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10kg (8112)

The medicine ball is an air-filled rubber ball. The weight varies with the thickness of the outer shell. It is not only suitable for school or popular sports but also in the fitness and functional area it has found its fans. It has even been able to assert itself in physiotherapy. As in football, you can adjust the bounce individually, depending on the amount of air in the ball.

» Material: high-quality rubber Structured surface for improved gripping effect
» Dimension: the diameter varies between 19,5 cm – 28,0 cm in diameter, depending on the weight.
» The permanent stress has been tested with more than 10.000 reps.
» Colour: Black/Blue
» Available in the usual sizes from 1.0 to 10,0 kg

Item Weight Diameter
LP8112-01 1,0 kg 19,0 cm
LP8112-02 2,0 kg 19, 0 cm
LP8112-03 3,0 kg 23,0 cm
LP8112-04 4,0 kg 23,0 cm
LP8112-05 5,0 kg 23,0 cm
LP8112-06 6,0 kg 28,6 cm
LP8112-07 7,0 kg 28,6 cm
LP8112-08 8,0 kg 28,6 cm
LP8112-09 9,0 kg 28,6 cm
LP8112-10 10,0 kg 28,6 cm

€ 449,95