Medicine Ball Double Grip Set 4/5/6/7/8kg (8111)

The medicine ball with handles is suitable for certain throwing exercises to improve reaction and mobility. It can be used as a weight substitute like a dumbbell or for swinging like a kettlebell, it should not be missing in fitness and strength training.

» Material: high-quality rubber
» Dimension: 24,0 cm diameter
» Colour: Black
» Available in the usual sizes from 4.0 to 8,0 kg

Item Weight Diameter
LP8111-04 4,0 kg 25,0 cm
LP8111-05 5,0 kg 25,0 cm
LP8111-06 6,0 kg 27,5 cm
LP8111-07 7,0 kg 27,5 cm
LP8111-08 8,0 kg 30,0 cm

€ 399,95