Leg Curl Zittend M-2029 Essence Line

Reinforced steel chassis of 3 mm. - Anti-oxidation treatment and special protection at the welding points. - Polyester powder paint at 200º in matt black. - FIBABS transmission pulleys, with ball bearings, made of composite material highly resistant to friction and adapted to the diameter of the cable. - 5 mm thick transmission cable 5 mm, extremely flexible and resistant, with 7 braids of 19 threads. Includes tensioner to adjust the tension. - Thermoformed weight-stack cover in black color. - Double tray for objects in the upper part. - Not deformable to pressue seat and backrest, manufactured by injection of polyurethane (foam). - Antibacterial upholstery MRSA standards, SANITIZED, flame retardant Norma M2, UNE 1021 and absence of solvents and harmful substances OEKO-TEX standards. Seams in intense red. - Regulation knobs made of anodized aluminum to prevent oxidation, - Non porous injected grips made of rubber material. - Anatomical seat with interchangeable protective cover on the end. - Adjustable backrest. - Stainless steel goniometer that allows you to adjust the position / angle of the beginning of the exercise. - Adjustable legs fixing by linear bearings and gas piston that facilitates the adjustment maneuver and guarantees the execution of the flexion exercises with the maximum precision. - Stainless steel plate guides. - 5 kg plates with low friction bushes. - Load selector with magnetic safety system and cable. - Adjustable levelers. - Work load: 75 kg. - Descriptive pictogram of the exercise. - QR code with access to video of machine use. - Dimensions: 101 x 103 x 157 cm. - EC declaration of conformity

€ 3995,00