Dual Rear Delt / Pec Fly M-2085 Essence Line

3 mm reinforced steel chassis. - 200º polyester powder coating, black matt finishing. - Transmission pulleys with ball bearings. - High resistance power cable tensor built. - Thermoformed weight-stack cover, aluminium effect. - Tray for objects on the top. - Antibacterial upholstery MRSA Standard, SANITIZED, - Fireproof M2 Standard, UNE 1021, absence of solvents and noxious substances OEKO-TEX Standards. - Red-trimmed upholstery. - Stainless steel goniometer to adjust starting position / angle for pec fly or rear deltoid exercises.. - Gas piston adjustable anatomic seat. - Articulated arms to adapt the movement according to the user's size. - Non-slip rubber covered grips.. - Stainless steel plate guides. - 5 kg weight plates with low friction bushings. - Load selector with magnetic security system. - Adjustable levelers. - Workload: 75 kg. - Descriptive pictogram of the exercise. - QR code that provides link to instructional video. - Dimensions: 99 x 160 x 207 cm

€ 3995,00